Welcome to the Rocky Mountain Red Fox Sighting Report!

Your contribution of vital red fox information is central to the success of native Rocky Mountain red fox research.

The research seeks to locate and better understand the distribution of two subspecies of red fox through central Colorado. The Rocky Mountain red fox historically occurred in the higher elevations of the Rocky Mountains, but nonnative red foxes (a produce of fur  farm stock) began expanding eastward toward the Rocky Mountains in the mid-1900s. Now that the distribution of red fox appears continuous, it is unclear where the boundary of native and nonnative red foxes occurs or whether the two subspecies hybridize.  Research is needed to better understand the native red fox population’s distribution, ecological role, and interaction with the non-native red fox.

By providing the location of red fox that you have seen, our research can better focus on collecting genetic samples in the following, non-invasive ways:  hair, saliva, feces, and road-kill specimens.

Research is conducted in conjunction with:

Texas A&M UC Davis Veterinary College Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory